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Palm Oil Production Line

The palm oil production line mainly includes palm kernel pretreatment equipment, palm oil press equipment, palm oil refining equipment and palm oil separation equipment.
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Product Description
The basic process of palm oil making production line is: pretreatment sterilization → fruit and kernel separation → palm oil extraction → refining → separation
1. Raw material storage section: Weighed fresh palm fruit enters the plant area, and discharges and stores on the palm fruit slope.
2. Sterilization process: Fresh palm fruit is sealed and sterilized in the sterilizer. Prevent enzyme decomposition and increase the acid value of oil. It also prepares for the fruit-removing section to reduce palm kernel damage.
3. Fruit threshing section: Separate palm fruit and fruit bunch by strong vibration. The fruit threshing machine is a rotating cylinder. After threshing, the palm fruit enters the pressing section to make oil. The empty fruit bunch is recycled as fertilizer or fuel.
4. Pressing section: Before entering the oil press, the palm fruit should be steamed and heated to soften, further destroying the pulp cells. Then enter the screw oil press to press. After pressing, oil-water mixture and pressed cake can be obtained. The oil-water mixture enters the oil purification section. The pressed cake is crushed and recovered by a screw conveyor.
5. Oil clarification section: The machine-squeezed crude oil is washed with water through sedimentation and filtration, and the fibers are separated from the oil. Then proceed to continuous precipitation and clarification, and oil and sediment can be obtained. The oil separated by the centrifuge goes to vacuum drying. Store after drying. The sediment will be clarified a second time.
6. Fiber separation section: After crushed by screw conveyor, the pressed cake enters the winnowing separation system. The separated fibers are sent to the boiler room as fuel. The stones are transported to the warehouse for temporary storage.
7. Kernel recycling section: The palm kernel is softened by quenching and tempering, and the shell is divided into multiple petals by a crusher. The crushed mixture is sent to the separation workshop. The separated palm shells are temporarily stored in the warehouse and used as fuel. The palm core is dried with hot air to reduce the moisture content to below 7%. The dried palm core is stored in a warehouse.
8. Refining and sub-extraction section: crude oil can be refined and sub-extracted to obtain high-quality oil. Palm refining can remove impurities in crude oil. Fractionation can separate soft fat and hard fat.

Technology Process
Palm Kernel → Press Separation → Kernel/Fiber Separation → Kernel Conditioning → Kernel Crushing → Kernel Separation → Palm Kernel Drying → Press → Palm Kernel Oil

Crude Palm Oil → Sterilization → Threshing → Cooking → Pressing → Washing → Purification → Drying

Crude Palm Oil → Degumming → Deacidification → Decolorization →Deodorization → Refined Palm Oil

Refined Palm Oil → Cooling Section→ Crystallization Section →Filtration Sectionv Palm Soft Fat + Palm Stearing 
Technology Feature
The cake contains less water and can be directly used for processing animal feed.
The new technology adopts dry sterilization, which greatly reduces the production of sewage, does not require sewage treatment and has low cost.
Make full use of biomass fuel and palm oil equipment, such as empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, etc., which are converted into hot air and steam after combustion to supply the entire workshop equipment.
   «Дин Шен»занимается тем,чтобы памогать создать масло-жировый разделочный завод и предоставлять самое эффективное решение производственной линии для клиентов по всему свету.  Наши главные обьекты: Строительство комплексного цеха по первичной обработке масличного сырья, ежедневно перерабатвающего от 50-ти до 2000 тонн масла;инженерные обьекты по экстрагированию от 50-ти до 2000 тонн в день;инженерные обьекты по рафинированию жиров от 30-ти до 500 тонн в день. Наша компания может принимать такие обьекты,как соевый протеин,извлечение хлопковых
 обесфеноленных протеинов,соевый лецитин,гидрогенизация и этерификация хлопкового масла,рафинировочный завод
 хлопкового смешанного масла. Если вы планируете строить масло-жировый завод, свяжитесь с нами.
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