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30-50T Crude oil refining equipment

Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been engaged in the oil machinery manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Considering the economic and practicality of the refining workshop, we recommend that customers use full continuous refining equipment for crude oil refining more than 50TPD.
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Product Description
The main features of the full continuous refining equipment are the high degree of automation, good quality of the finished oil. It is mainly used for pre-pressing-extraction and it can be used for the refining of rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, linseed oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils, and animal fats such as lard, tallow, and mutton oil produced by the one-time extraction process.

Production process
Fully continuous refining equipment can complete hydration, alkali refining, water washing, decolorization, and deodorization process operations, and adopts electronic metering, high-speed centrifuge desoaping, vacuum (continuous) drying and other excellent technologies. The main equipment of the full continuous refining workshop: centrifuge, decolorization tower, deodorization tower, leaf filter, four-stage steam jet pump, water jet pump.

Crude oil degumming and alkali refining process: continuous alkali refining shortens the contact time of grease and lye, reduces grease saponification, lowers consumption, and improves efficiency;
Crude oil decolorization process: The decolorization adopts the process of premixing and steam agitation decolorization to improve the decolorization efficiency and save the amount of white clay; the negative pressure state avoids the contact of oxygen in the air with hot oil, guarantees the oil quality, and inhibits the acid value from rising and reducing POV.
Physical deacidification and deodorization process: physical refining adopts a new type of continuous deacidification and deodorization, which is suitable for the deacidification and deodorization of vegetable oils with high acid value and low colloidal content. It has strong deacidification ability, good thermal decolorization effect, better refining rate and good oil quality, etc.
Automatic control system: Automatic control is applied in the refining workshop. The computer can control the production of the whole workshop, and can monitor the operation status of each equipment. The whole workshop can be completed by one person, and the production management is efficient.
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