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20-30T Crude oil refining equipment

Introduction: The unrefined vegetable oil obtained by pressing or leaching is called crude oil. The crude oil obtained by mechanically squeezing the oil after magnetic separation, cleaning, crushing, flaking, steam-cooking is called machine-pressed crude oil. The crude oil obtained by pretreatment of the oil by solvent leaching and other methods is called leaching crude oil. After the machine-pressed and leached crude oil is refined, the finished oil can be directly put on the market for consumption.
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Product Description
The degumming process adopt two sets oil refining tanks to intermittently remove the water-soluble and non-water-soluble gums in the crude oil; the decolorization process, deacidification and deodorization processes are continuous, and the enterprise can perform intermittent or continuous production. At the same time, the decolorization process, the deacidification process, the deodorization process and the winterization process can be automatically controlled. The process equipment has a simple configuration unit, low cost and high return on capital.

Main equipment and purpose
1. The decolorization section adopts two automatic slag discharge vertical leaf filters to improve the continuity of the process.
2. The deacidification and deodorization tower uses physical methods to deacid and deodorize at one time, avoiding the loss of refined oil caused by chemical deacidification.
3. Oil-oil exchanging heater. This design uses cold oil to cool the hot oil, while using the hot oil to heat the cold oil to save energy and improve work efficiency.
4. The heat-conduction oil furnace and the steam boiler are used at the same time to improve the oil yield and product oil quality.
Applicable scope
This process can process different crude oil materials. Conventional oils such as soybean crude oil, peanut crude oil, rapeseed crude oil, etc. only require degumming, continuous decolorization and deodorization. In addition, the dewaxing section is allocated after sunflower oil refining, the winterization section is allocated after refining rice bran oil, and the fractionation section is allocated after refining palm oil.

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It is suitable for the operation of small and medium oil companies.
It is suitable for the refining of a variety of oils, which is conducive to user business development.
Independent design of each refining stage is conducive to the later expansion of production scale.
The use cost is low, heating fuel is saved, and the yield of refined oil is high.
The grade of refined oil is high, and the user can control the operation of each stage according to the requirements to make the refined oil reach the expected standard.
PLC automatic control can be provided.
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