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Cottonseed Oil
Cottonseed is the product of cotton after removing long and short lint. Cottonseed kernels contain oil in cottonseed, and cottonseed oil can be obtained after pressing and extraction.
Cottonseed oil
The color of cottonseed oil is more dark red than other oils. It can be used for human consumption after being refined. It contains a large amount of essential fatty acids. It is most suitable for mixing with animal fat. Because cotton clear oil contains a lot of linoleic acid, it can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in the blood and keep human health.
Technology process
 Flow chart of Cottonseed Oil Pressing

The fragrant peanut oil process uses high-quality fresh peanut kernels as raw materials, and adopts some whole seeds special high-temperature frying, mixed mechanical pressing, and low-temperature cold filtration process to produce peanut oil with strong fragrance.
High-temperature pressed peanut cake (about 8% oil), after solvent extraction, the obtained crude oil can be refined through alkali refining, deacidiication, decolorization, and deodorization to produce national standard first-class edible peanut oil.
Peanut meal (residual oil less than 1%) can be used as feed.
1,The project uses cotton meal (46% protein content) as raw material, and separates the cottonseed hulls and lint from the cottonseed meal through the pretreatment workshop to produce cottonseed meal by-products with high protein content;
The protein content of cotton meal reaches 57%. The cottonseed meal (57% protein content) enters the solvent extraction workshop, and the gossypol and raffinose components in the cottonseed meal are extracted by a low-concentration methanol solution in the extractor to produce cottonseed protein concentrate products and crude raffinose products.
The crude raffinose is processed through the raffinose refining equipment, and goes through the processes of impurity removal, filtration, decolorization, concentration, crystallization, separation, and drying to produce raffinose products. The raffinose content of the raffinose products reaches 98%.
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