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Refined Cotton Cellulose Production Line

The raw material of refined cotton is cotton linters, and the main chemical components are cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and has good hydrophilicity and good adsorption.
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Industry Application
Refined cotton is non-toxic, tasteless, and easy to absorb water. It is the main material for manufacturing ether cellulose (such as CMC, HEC, HPMC, MC, etc.), nitrocellulose (nitrocellulose) and cellulose acetate. It is widely used in food, medicine; many fields such as daily chemicals, plastics, electronics, papermaking, metallurgy, aerospace, etc. are known as "special industrial monosodium glutamate".

The raw material of refined cotton is natural plant cellulose fiber, which is in line with people’s increasingly advocating green, healthy, and environmentally friendly consumption concepts. Especially its thickening function makes the refined cotton products have a broad market prospect, which is indispensable and irreplaceable.

Production Process
The main process flow: preparing material → opening cotton → feeding → steaming → hot washing → cold washing → pickling → bleaching → acid treatment → washing → rolling water → air drying → packing

Main equipment: boiler, steaming ball, bleaching machine, press machine, baler, kneader, harrow dryer, dryer, crusher and alcohol recovery tower.
The cleaning effect of cotton linter impurities is very good, and it has reached the domestic leading level.
Change the steam distribution method of the digester, improve the internal structure of the steaming ball, make the cooking more uniform, recycle the cooking black liquor, which not only improves the cooking effect, but also reduces the sewage discharge. The use of cooking additives makes the cooking effect better, and the sulfuric acid is insoluble lower.
The drainage process reduces fiber loss and the product yield is high;
Use hydrochloric acid to treat the fiber to activate the fiber activity, and the refined cotton has good reaction performance;
The process route is smooth, the workers are convenient to operate on site, the degree of automation is high, and the workshop cost is low. Product quality has reached the leading domestic level.
   «Дин Шен»занимается тем,чтобы памогать создать масло-жировый разделочный завод и предоставлять самое эффективное решение производственной линии для клиентов по всему свету.  Наши главные обьекты: Строительство комплексного цеха по первичной обработке масличного сырья, ежедневно перерабатвающего от 50-ти до 2000 тонн масла;инженерные обьекты по экстрагированию от 50-ти до 2000 тонн в день;инженерные обьекты по рафинированию жиров от 30-ти до 500 тонн в день. Наша компания может принимать такие обьекты,как соевый протеин,извлечение хлопковых
 обесфеноленных протеинов,соевый лецитин,гидрогенизация и этерификация хлопкового масла,рафинировочный завод
 хлопкового смешанного масла. Если вы планируете строить масло-жировый завод, свяжитесь с нами.
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