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The Principle And Equipment Of Crushing Process

Date:Oct 2nd, 2020
Crushing is an important section of oil processing pretreatment, crushing system include: conveying equipment, crushers, wind separator and dust removal devices.

The purpose and principle of oilseed crushing:
Whether it is the use of press method or solvent extraction method to extract oil from oilseeds, oilseeds need to be rolled into a material suitable for taking oil embryo,and in order to ensure the effect of rolling embryo, usually need to be crushed before rolling embryo oil. The principle of crushing the crusher is broken roller by impact,shear,extrusion milling and other methods will be broken into large particles of soybeans with a certain particle size in order to achieve the separation of skin kernel and in line with the conditions of the process of rolling embryo.


The form and structure of the crusher:
Processing oil plant commonly used crushing equipment is tooth roller crusher.
1, Crusher by the feed device, crushing roller,roller distance adjustment device, transmission mechanism, base and other components.
2, The feeding device consists of a storage hopper, feeding roller,permanent magnet, feeding dripping plate, its role is to adjust the feeding amount and ensure uniform flow in the longitudinal direction of the entire roller, and remove the iron miscellaneous into the machine soybeans, to prevent damage to the tooth roller.
3, The upper and lower two pairs of tooth rollers are placed in a flat row, each pair of tooth rollers rotate opposite, one of which is a fast roller, the other is a slow roller, each pair of roller roller teeth according to the“front to front”configuration.
4, When working, due to the presence of the roller speed difference, the two opposing rotation of the tooth roller using the tooth angle of the tooth roller shear and extrusion effect, will fall between the rolls of soybeans cut into small pieces, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing.
5, Roller pitch adjustment device can be used to change the pitch of the tooth roller, in order to ensure that the particle size of soybeans after crushing to meet the process requirements.

Our crusher machine is widely used in large and medium-sized oil plant oil processing projects, because of its large processing capacity, durable, high roller life, easy operation, simple maintenance, which has been recognized by the majority of users.