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Purpose And Significance Of Soybean Cleaning

Date:Oct 9th, 2020
The purpose and significance of soybean cleaning
Before cleaning:
1, Soybeans contain impurities, dust, stones, metals, husks, weeds, twine, miscellaneous grains, etc.;
2, The soil, weeds, husks, etc. deepen the color of the oil, increase the sediment, produce peculiar smell, reduce the quality of crude oil, and also adversely affect the quality of by-products such as cakes and phospholipids;
3, Hard impurities such as stones and iron impurities enter production equipment and conveying equipment, especially high-speed rotating equipment, which will wear and destroy the working parts of the equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, and even cause production accidents;

After cleaning:
1, Conducive to storage and transportation: to prevent organic impurities from becoming moldy, occupying the warehouse volume, blocking equipment, and polluting the environment;
2, Reduce oil loss and increase oil yield; improve oil and cake quality;
3, Increase equipment production capacity and reduce equipment wear; avoid production accidents and prevent environmental pollution;

Oilseeds cleaning methods and equipment
1. Magnetic separation
Magnetic separation is a method of using magnets to remove metal impurities in soybeans. There are two types of magnet devices: electromagnetic iron removal and permanent magnet.

2.Wind separator
According to the difference in specific gravity and aerodynamic properties of soybeans and impurities, wind power is used to separate light impurities such as dust and thin soybean hulls in soybeans. The winnowing equipment is mostly used in conjunction with the screening equipment, and can also be used, such as the pre-peeling treatment of the equipment with a winnowing device.

3. Oil screening
Using the difference in particle size between soybeans and bean stalks, bean pods, stones, mud, crushed beans, broken skins, etc., with the help of the relative movement of soybeans and the sieve surface, impurities larger or smaller than soybeans are removed through the sieve holes. Commonly used screening equipment in soybean processing plants includes flat rotary screens, vibrating screens, and fixed screens.

4. Dust removal of oil
The first is to seal the dust source to reduce the scope of influence of the dust, and then set up a dust removal air net to collect the dusty air and remove the dust.